NeonMind has filed a U.S. provisional patent application to protect intellectual property relating to the use of compounds found in psychedelic mushrooms to activate the mind to achieve better body health.

Our pending patents include the use of psilocybin for:

Weight Loss

Reducing Food Cravings

Counteracting compulsive overeating

Improving quality of diet by empowering the mind to select low calorie foods

Increasing metabolism

Treating diabetes

Regulating blood glucose

Reducing susceptibility to cardiovascular disease and illnesses associated with obesity such as high

The TLS team—thought leaders in their field—are the scientific advisors for NeonMind's psilocybin clinical trials.  

NeonMind has acquired nearly 18% of Translational Life Sciences (TLS), a start-up biotechnology company focused on developing proprietary formulations that contain restricted substances such as psilocybin and cannabis.


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