Why Mushroom Coffee?

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It’s a trend that’s been covered in headlines around the world, and it probably has you asking some questions: Why combine mushrooms with coffee?

In recent years the science behind coffee has shown that the popular beverage, consumed by more than two thirds of American adults, helps fire up the nervous system and contains valuable antioxidants. But unfortunately, some of us can’t handle the taste, the acidity, or the amount of caffeine in regular coffee. That seemingly harmless cup of office java could be keeping us awake at night, interrupting our digestion, giving us anxietyor potentially all three. 

All the flavour, half the caffeine, and extra benefits

Enter NeonMind’s antioxidant-rich mushroom coffee blends, robustly flavoured alternatives to your morning cup that provide a healthy energy boost while containing around half the caffeine of regular coffee. Each of our coffees are made with extracts from mushrooms known as adaptogens, natural substances that help our bodies adapt to stress. 

While containing valuable mushroom extracts, our blends don’t yield the earthy taste you might associate with fungi and combine well with coffee for a superior flavour. NeonMind’s four blends incorporate ground coffee with mushroom extracts and ayurvedic herbs and may help you feel more energetic, focused, and well rested, while promoting healthier levels of inflammation depending on the blend.

What history and science tell us about mushrooms

While combining mushrooms with coffee might just seem like another health-and-wellness trend, using mushrooms to promote good health is not a new phenomenon. Chinese and Japanese cultures have used these fungi as medicine for thousands of years, and believe that in the same way mushrooms help to clear decay in the environment, they help to clear our bodies and minds. 

Studies have shown that Lion’s Mane may improve cognitive function, while Reishi can improve sleep quality and may help to reduce stress. Both are key ingredients in NeonMind’s Rest and Focus coffee blends, and when combined with their respective ayurvedic botanicals create potentially synergistic effects that help you wind down, or hone in. Cordyceps has been used, among other things, as a natural energy booster in Chinese medicine for generations. Turkey tail mushrooms are incredibly rich in antioxidants, and may help to boost the immune system. Cordyceps and Turkey tail extracts are both used in NeonMind’s Energize and Protect blends, providing you with a gentle boost, or offering increased immune system protection.

Whether you’re interested in increasing your focus or boosting your energy, NeonMind’s mushroom coffee blends provide you with a safe and tasty alternative to regular coffee, packed with all the additional benefits that fungi have to offer. 

- Written by Amanda Siebert

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